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Great Ways To Save

Max out your saving Put as much as you possibly can into your 401(k). Assuming a 7 percent return and a 50 percent ma..
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Car Insurance Basics

Car insurance -- it's a necessary evil. Going a day without it can have disastrous financial consequences. Similarly, no..
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Fictitious Trading

Wash trading, bucketing, cross trading, or other types of trade which are designed to give the appearance of trading eve..
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An Italian mathematician, born Leonardo Pisano, who lived from 1170-1250. Most famous for the Fibonacci numbers, a seque..
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Factoring In Business

A company which is owed money by trade debtors faces the risk of slow payment or default on those debts, which can put s..
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What Is An Offshore Company?

A company incorporated in a country where there is little government control and/or low tax rates
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The situation where a small number of firms control the supply, and strongly influence the price, of a good or service.
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Brief Definition Of An Occupational Pension Scheme

A pension scheme generated by a company or organisation for the benefit of its employees. In 'contributory' schemes both..
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A person who grants a lease, known as a landlord.
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Earnings Per Share (EPS)

Earning per Share (EPS) = Earnings / Number of Shares in Issue EPS is a key ratio used in share valuations. It shows ..
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Risks And Trends

The big attraction of the pharmaceutical sector is that it is very defensive. Most of the risks it is subject to are spe..
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Ten Reasons To Invest (mostly) In Your Home Country

Most private investors, and a good many others, invest most of their money in their own country. It is often argued that..
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