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The Banyoro people live in western Uganda to the east of Lake Albert they inhabit the present districts of. Hoima, Ma..

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Traditional Greetings among Banyoro

Traditional way of Greeting among Banyoro The Banyoro used pet names empako when greeting one another. These pet name..
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The Okebu

Principally, the Okebu indigenes were mixed agriculturalists. They grew a variety of crops and also kept some cows, goat..
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Bagwere Customs

The Bagwere can be traced to Pallisa district. Their language, lugwere is similar to Lusoga-Lulamogi in many respects..

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The Ewe Traditional Cosmology And Cosmogony

This paper is the result of eleven years research that I have been conducting into the indigenous value and conceptual o..
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The first European fort in Ghana was Fort Sao Jorge da Mina (Elmina), established by the Portuguese in 1482 in Elmina, w..
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The Golden Stool Sika Dwa

Synonymous with the Ashanti is the legend of the 'Golden Stool' (sika 'dwa), the legend actually tells of the birth of t..
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Child Naming Ceremonies in Ghana

Naming and outdooring ceremonies is celebrated in most Ghanaian communities. It is called a naming ceremony because i..

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How The mmoa-Nni-Nko Festival came about

The " MMOA-NNI -NKO’ festival is being celebrated by the people of Offinso a district in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Wh..
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Dagomba - The Warriors

Dagombas are the descendants of Gbewa. The state of Dagomba was founded by a son of Gbewa called Sitobu. Sitobu led his ..
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Kakum National Park

I am Elizabeth Awotwe. I am 16 years of age and SSS 2 student in Armed Forces Secondary Technical . The school is found ..
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Yaa Asantewaa (The Queenmother of Ejisu)

Yaa Asantewaa was an Ashanti born in 1863 and the Queen Mother of Ejisu. Ejisu is a town in Ashanti Region the second la..
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